The main fields of activity of the BESTMIX Tierernährung GmbH are central purchase and consulting.

Centrally purchased are certain feed materials, all feed additives, packing material, commodities, advertising material, soft ware and others. Consulting activities comprise generation and permanent adaptation of feed standards and supply recommendations, evaluation of feed materials and additives including risk assessment, legal consultations including the implementation of product marking, product development, organisation and execution of corporate advanced training courses, e.g. study trips and personnel development, etc.

BESTMIX Tierernährung GmbH will keep their proven success formula: Assisting their partners and other customers effectively and at a reasonable price in supplying agriculturists, fish farmers and other animal owners with economic and safe high-quality feed. Additionallly a continuous improvement of customer/supplier relationships is intended, especially to increase product reliability at decreased costs.

BESTMIX Tierernährung strive for a moderate growth and intend to maintain the present course also for the future: to perform a valuable contribution to Austrian food supply with fresh and natural animal food out of the region.

Furthermore, the company fundamentally is ready to incorporate further feed mills in the future – located in Austria or in neighboured EU regions.

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